What Are The Differences In Transfer Types

 Sublimation transfers are printed with a sublimation printer using sublimation ink & paper. Once the ink is heated & pressed using the proper time & temp the ink turns from a solid into a gas and dyes the polyester fibers of the substrate. This is why the substrate has to be a higher polyester content in order to work.  The ink becomes one with the fabric and if you run your hand over the image, it just feels like the fabric.  

Screen Print Transfers - Transfers are made using a Plastisol ink and instead of printing directly on a garment, the transfer is printed on a special release paper that is used to transfer to the garment at a later time. Unlike sublimation, screen print transfers can be used on any color or fabric type. The image sits on top of the fabric. You can feel it on the shirt if you run your hand over it but it is not as heavy as heat transfer vinyl.

DTF Transfers -(Direct To Film) transfers are printed using inkjet print heads with a water based pigment ink.  It is printed on a clear film. DTF can be used on any color or fabric type. The transfer sits on top of the shirt and has a soft vinyl feel. 

HTV - (Heat Transfer Vinyl) - Vinyl used to decorate any type of fabric, I have also used HTV on wood for signs. A heat press is used to press the vinyl on the substrate you are using. If on a shirt, you can feel it if you run your hand over it. 

How Do I Apply The Transfers?

Please remember all heat presses are NOT created equally and you may need to make adjustments to the time and/or temps listed below.

A heat press is highly recommended for these transfers. A regular iron or Easy Press will not work. 

Pressing Instructions can also be found under the Pressing & Care Tab

Sublimation Transfers - For T-shirts - Press at 400 degrees for 60 seconds using Medium Pressure and Hot Peel. 

Screen Print Transfers -  Pre-Press the garment for 3-5 seconds to remove any moisture/wrinkles. Press at 315-325 degrees using HEAVY PRESSURE for 10 seconds. Hot Peel. Note: If you start to peel back the transfer and the carrier sheet is not easily coming off, STOP, put the carrier sheet back down and press again for about 5 seconds. 

DTF Transfers - Pre-Press the garment for 3-5 seconds to remove moisture/wrinkles. Use a Teflon sheet over the transfer. Press at 300-315 for 10 seconds using HEAVY PRESSURE. This is a COLD PEEL. Let it cool and then peel. After peeling, put Teflon sheet over the image and press an additional 15 seconds. 


Do you offer local pickup?

We do offer local pickup.  If you live near Surprise, AZ and would like to pick up your order, you can use the code LOCALPICKUP at checkout and you will not be charged shipping.  If you forget to enter the code, please send me an email to sales@inkedinthyme.  Make sure to include the order number and I will refund the shipping.

What are your Turn Around Times?

All turn around times can be found under the Turn Around Times tab and most are listed in the descriptions. 

Almost everything I make is made to order and that is the main reason for a longer turn around time. If an item (such as a beaded pen) is in stock and ready to ship, it will ship in 1-5 days.