About Me

Hi! I'm Jennifer and I am the owner of Inked In Thyme.  I'm a wife, mother, Grandma, former bookkeeper and now the owner of Inked In Thyme. 

A little backstory on how I got here....

In 2016 I had back surgery that unfortunately was not done correctly. This led me to have reconstructive surgery with a long and hard recovery. I started to become depressed and after being told I would not drive or work outside the home, I was devastated.  I knew I had to find something to keep my mind and myself busy. I have always enjoyed crafting so confined to mostly bedrest I began watching YouTube videos, reading blogs and joining craft groups. I purchased a Cricut Maker and a small heat press.  Once I was strong enough to move around I started making shirts and signs for family & friends.  That hobby was not only a life saver, it sparked a passion in me.  I had fun making things for friends and family but I wanted to go bigger. 

Since then, opening my own store has been a dream of mine. Having the dream was easy, opening a business was not!   As most of us know, life doesn't always happen as we want it to and I was met with several roadblocks. The bright side is I was able to do more research into new ways of making shirts and other items.  Once we moved into our new house I was able to start trying everything out.  I started making shirts, tumblers and other items using sublimation and it has taken off from there! 

What started as a way to battle my depression has turned into a love and passion. I LOVE every minute of what I do, from creating to packing an order. I hope that love shows in the finished product.  

Thank you for shopping with me! I truly appreciate you and your support of my small business.