Memorial Glass Candle Jar With Tea Light and Bamboo Lid



Celebrate and honor the everlasting love for your dearly missed one with our "Our Love for You Will Never Cease, You Will Always Be Our Missing Piece" Memorial Candle Jar. This heartfelt and elegant tribute is designed to bring solace and warmth to your cherished memories.

The candle jar features a poignant message that encapsulates the enduring love you hold for your loved one. To add to the convenience, it comes with a battery-operated tea light equipped with a built-in timer. Set it once, and every day it will illuminate at the same time, staying aglow for 6 hours and off for 18 hours.

Included with the jar is an extra battery for extended use and a bamboo lid, providing a touch of natural elegance. The entire candle will be carefully shipped in a sturdy box, while the jar itself will be presented in a gift box adorned with a bow, making it a heartfelt and ready-to-give memorial gift.

You have the option of including the name of a loved one on the other side of the jar. You can also include a special message, dates, scripture, etc. Please reach out to me with any questions regarding your request.

**Made to order
**Crafted through the process of sublimation, our candle jars feature images that are permanently dyed onto the jar. Unlike paint or vinyl, there's no risk of the image fading or peeling.
**For optimal care and to maintain the pristine look of your candle jar, we recommend gentle handwashing. Please note that these jars are not suitable for dishwasher use.
**Comes with a gift box with a bow that is perfect for gift giving.
**Tea light already has a battery inside ready to go and I am also including an extra battery.
**Tea Light has a built in timer. Set it once and it will stay on for 6 hours and off for 18.
** Your candle will be shipped in a sturdy box that is placed inside of a poly mailer to protect it from rain

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