Pressing Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: Every heat press is different. You may need to make adjustments to the suggested instructions. 

Screen Print Transfers:

Before pressing the transfer, press the shirt for a few seconds to remove any moisture. Press at 300-325 for 10 seconds using HEAVY PRESSURE.  Slowly start to peel the transfer, if it is still sticking to the paper, then press the transfer for an additional 5 seconds. You do not need butcher paper or a teflon sheet over the transfer.  

Sublimation Transfers:

Suggested temperature is 400 for 35-45 seconds using medium pressure. 

Before pressing the transfer, press the shirt for a few seconds to remove any moisture. Insert a piece of butcher paper inside the shirt and on top of the transfer. Each transfer can only be used one time. If you ordered more than one transfer, you must use new pieces of butcher paper for each transfer. 

Please ensure the shirt you are using is AT LEAST 65% Polyester. **Remember the higher the polyester count the more vibrant your transfer will be**  If you use fabric with a Polyester count lower than 65% the image will have a more vintage look. 

Also, only use a white or very light color fabric otherwise the transfer will appear faded.

DTF Clear Film Transfers: Use a Teflon sheet over transfer.  Press at 300 degrees using Heavy pressure for 10 seconds. This is a COLD PEEL. After the transfers cools and you remove it, place Teflon back over transfer and press for an additional 5 seconds. If after the first press the transfer is sticking to the film, stop and press for 5 seconds and try to peel again.  Since heat presses differ, you may need to adjust the temp from 290-300 and the time from 10-15 seconds. Go slow when peeling, Don't rush it in case it needs to be pressed a bit longer.