Sweet Christmas Wishes Garden Flag


Style: NO Flag Stake

High quality thick flags. They have a sun blocker middle that helps keep the image from showing through to the other side. They are not the see through cheap flags. I tested several ones until I found the ones I liked. The flags fit most  garden flag stakes.  If you need the stakes, we have those available as well! 

Some flags have the option to add a name or text of your choice.  You can choose from a variety of fonts.  There is no extra charge to add a name or text. 

To add a name/text:

Select Yes and the form will show. Enter the name, choose the font and font color and verify that the spelling and your choices are correct.

If no font or font color is chosen, the default font is Hey Magnolia & the default color is black.

The flags are made using sublimation. There is no vinyl. The design is dyed into the fabric! The design is on both sides of the flag!

Flag will be shipped  in a recycled cardboard rigid envelope inside of a poly mailer. If you order the flag stake it will be shipped with the flag in the same package. 

Flag Details:
The flags are 12"x18".  They are made from 100% Polyester and they are durable.  

Flag Stand/Stake (If you choose to add to your order. The stand is not automatically included). 

The stand is made from powder coated steel and will hold the 12"x18" flag. Comes with stoppers & clips to help the flag stay in place on windy days. 

The Details

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